Fraud Prevention

What you need to know
March is Fraud Prevention Month, and Aviva is making headlines on fighting fraud!
This past weekend, you may have seen CTV media reports on an Aviva fraud investigation. Hours of video footage collected through our investigation clearly demonstrates that a chiropractor, clinic employee and paralegal sought to counsel undercover investigators to sign forms that would falsely indicate that they were receiving treatment/services and missing time from work.
These professionals, whose job it is to help accident victims, encouraged the role players to lie so they could submit phony forms and collect insurance payments for services never supplied.
The video footage obtained from this investigation underscores the need to get to the root cause of insurance fraud and why the Ontario auto insurance system requires further reform.
CTV News – March 11, 2016
Paul Bliss, news reporter covers why Aviva pursued this investigation.
CTV’s W5 Program – March 14, 2016
A 24 minute feature report on Aviva’s investigation.
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