Winner of the ICTA 2014 Award

At a ceremony on March 17 at Technology Conference in Toronto, Ives Insurance Brokers Ltd, took the top prize in the Distributor category with the successful implementation of a consumer portal , allowing consumers secure 24/7 access to information in the broker’s management system.  Keal Technology and Quindell were recognized as Ives’ partners in the implementation.
“We are extremely proud to be chosen as the winner of this prestigious award.  This is game changing technology that will allow insurance brokers to continue to be competitive in today’s ever changing marketplace.  Working with the great talent at Quindell and Keal, both leaders in their respective fields and all of our dedicated, professional staff Ives has and will continue to be a leader in our respective industry.  Ease of business for our customers along with providing them with access to the best products and services available today is our commitment to our customers.  Our customers want immediate access to our services on a 24/7 basis and this will open those doors.  It is a first for the broker distribution network and is a game changer for our industry.”  Say’s Jeff Ives, President of Ives Insurance Brokers Limited.