5 Tips for Preventing Icy Slips

As temperatures begin to drop, walkways can quickly become hazardous due to snow and ice. Winter slips, trips and falls at businesses are common sources of injuries for visitors and employees alike. As an employer, it’s crucial to maintain the safety of your property and keep your employees and visitors safe. Whether you take care of snow and ice removal yourself, or contact with an outside vendor, it’s your responsibility to remove snow and ice in a reasonable amount of time to prevent third-party or employee injuries. Failure to do so may be considered negligence and put you at fault for any falls and injuries that occur on your premises.

Tips for Winter Safety

Be proactive and put a winter safety plan in place before the cold weather arrives. This plan should account for winter slip, trip and fall hazards both outside and inside your business. It may include items related to removing snow, de-icing sidewalks and parking lots, using mats and mops for slippery indoor areas, and creating a dedicated space to stow wet items (e.g., boots and coats). Other tips to consider as a part of your business’s safety plan to enjoy an accident-free winter include:

  • Mix ice melt with sand to reduce the amount of ice melt you need and to provide extra traction.
    Use the appropriate amount of ice-removal product. Too much product can damage concrete and cause additional danger.
  • Repair damage and perform maintenance to prevent potential winter hazards (e.g., fill in potholes, clean gutters and unblock drainage spouts.
  • Make sure employees who help with snow and ice removal wear suitable clothes and proper footwear to help them avoid slips or falls. Encourage frequent breaks if the weather is extremely cold.
  • Ensure employees wear appropriate foot gear with good traction to decrease the chances of slips and falls.
  • Train employees on winter slip, trip and fall hazards. Ensure that, when walking, employees are aware of any foreign substances on the floor, such as water from wet weather and other common hazards (e.g., sawdust, grease or debris).

Maintaining your business’s safety is especially important in winter when hazardous conditions can cause falls and injuries.

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