Canadian Car Theft Boosting Insurance Costs

Vehicle theft will cause rising auto insurance costs in 2024.


Canada’s auto theft crisis might raise your insurance premium in 2024.

Viral clips from CBC news and several other notable sources have been circulating in the past months displaying some shocking truths about auto theft in Canada. Reporters even managed to find one Torontonian’s vehicle all the way in Ghana after it was stolen from his driveway one year prior.

Équité Association, an independent national association dedicated to reducing and preventing insurance fraud and crime, has released their top 10 list on the Most Stolen Vehicles in Ontario. The results are in, with several of Canada’s most popular vehicles taking a spot on the list.


10. 2021 Acura RDX.

With 459 thefts of this model in 2022, this Japanese luxury compact SUV takes the tenth spot on the list.


9. 2019 Honda Civic.

Canada’s best-selling sedan takes spot number nine, with 630 thefts in 2022.


8. 2021 Jeep Wrangler.

With 689 thefts in 2022, the Jeep Wrangler is the eighth most stolen vehicle on the list.


7. 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This spacious American SUV was stolen a total of 766 times in 2022, landing it in seventh place on Équité’s list.


6. 2020 Ford F150 Series.

Not just Canada’s most popular truck, the F150 Series is also most-sold vehicle in Canada across the board. It takes sixth place on the list, with 901 thefts in 2022.


5. 2020 Land Rover Range Rover.

This luxury performance SUV is the fifth most stolen vehicle in Canada and the first on this list to break one thousand thefts, with 1,225 stolen in 2022.


4. 2021 Toyota Highlander.

Renowned for its reliability, the Toyota Highlander was stolen 1,344 times in 2022, placing this SUV in fourth place on the list.


3. 2022 Dodge RAM 1500 Series.

The second most popular truck sold in Canada (and also the second most popular vehicle sold in Canada), the RAM 1500 Series had 1,405 thefts in 2022.


2. 2020 Lexus RX Series.

The RX Series SUV is known for luxury and reliability. 1,707 were stolen in 2022, landing it in second place on the list.


1. 2020 Honda CR-V.

At spot number one is the CR-V, a very popular Japanese compact SUV known for reliability. Stolen a staggering 2,684 times in 2022, the CR-V firmly takes first place on the list as the most stolen vehicle in Ontario.


Top three most stolen vehicles in Ontario: Number 1, the Honda CRV. Number 2, the Lexus RX Series. Number 3, the Dodge Ram 1500 Series.


After seeing this list, many Canadians are wondering: if auto theft is on the rise, how will this affect their auto insurance premiums in 2024? Well, the results are in, with both good and bad news.

First, the bad news: auto insurance premiums will be increasing across the board to compensate for thefts and a number of other rising risk factors. And the good news? There are steps that some vehicle owners can take both to prevent additional premium increases and to reduce the likelihood of their vehicle being stolen.


Park vehicles without keyless entry behind those that have the feature to make vehicle theft more difficult for criminals.

How You Can Help Prevent Auto Theft

Ensure your vehicle’s safety by taking physical precautions. If possible, park it in an enclosed garage. If not, employ various measures to discourage theft. Consider these steps:

  • Use a non-keyless vehicle to block the keyless one, making theft more challenging for thieves.
  • Invest in a high-quality steering wheel lock to deter theft attempts.
  • Apply wheel clamps and a pedal box to make it tougher for thieves to drive away with your car.
  • Install a lockable post in your driveway to hinder theft or movement of your vehicle.

Additionally, installing a tracking device can be an effective measure against car theft. It aids in locating and recovering the vehicle, which some insurers may require, especially for high-value cars.


Installing remote tracking devices into high-theft vehicles can help offset some insurance costs with some insurance providers.

Tracking Systems and Your Insurance Rates

Next, you might be wondering: does a vehicle’s presence on the most stolen list affect insurance rates? In the past year, Canadian insurers paid a record $1.2 billion in claims due to auto theft. As theft rates rise, insurance companies are raising premiums to offset claim expenses, particularly for vehicles at greater risk of theft.

Some insurers now impose a $500 surcharge on the most frequently stolen vehicles. Installing a tracking device could potentially offset this surcharge and improve your vehicle’s security. The typical cost to install the tracking system is around $400, but certain insurers may provide free or discounted installation.

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