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Please follow us on Social Media!

Posted on: April 29th, 2019 by Ives Insurance Brokers

Ives Insurance Brokers has posted a video on Facebook and Instagram, the same video that is currently playing at the Imagine Southpoint Cinemas until the end of July. We want to hear from you, please consider visiting Leamington’ s Southpoint Cinemas to enjoy the movie previews that include our 30 second video and of course enjoy a great movie (maybe even Avengers Endgame!).
All are welcome to follow or like us on social media!
Many thanks.

Ives Insurance is off to the movies!

Posted on: April 23rd, 2019 by Ives Insurance Brokers

Exciting news! Ives Insurance will be advertising at Imagines’ Southpoint Cinemas beginning Friday April 26, 2019 in time for the Avengers Endgame movie. If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, take a drive to Southpoint Cinemas in Leamington.
This is the time of year to contact your Ives Insurance Broker to add road coverage back onto your summer car before you drive it! contact us at

2017 Home & Garden, Boat, RV & Recreation Show

Posted on: March 17th, 2017 by Ives Insurance Brokers
Please join us at the 2017 Home & Garden, Boat, RV & Recreation show on April 7th-9th. We will be at booth 209. Please print out the attached coupon for admission savings. We look forward to seeing everyone there.
Your Ives Team

Happy New Year

Posted on: January 5th, 2017 by Ives Insurance Brokers

Happy New Year to all! We have some exciting news to announce! Ives Insurance Brokers has been awarded one of the top brokerages in Canada by Insurance Business for 2017. We are so proud  and honoured to have accomplished this yet again, and could not have done it without the great team of staff we have here. Go Team Ives!

Ives Helping Hands

Posted on: December 15th, 2016 by Ives Insurance Brokers

Ives Helping Hands outdid themselves yet again! Look at all the toys, clothing, toiletries etc. we were able to purchase with the generous donations of all our employees and our owners Jeff and Jane Ives. These items will be donated to our local Salvation Army for families in need during the holiday season. Thank you to Krista and Lorie for being our elves this year!
We would also like to give the biggest shout out of all to Beth Cobby of Wheatley, who saw the girls in line with all these gifts and was gracious enough to chip in another $90! She showed us what this beautiful holiday season is truly about! Happy Holidays!

10 Ways to Protect Your Home While Away

Posted on: October 27th, 2016 by Ives Insurance Brokers

It’s a great time to prepare your home for the winter, especially if you’re about to leave town for the holidays. Here’s how to protect your home for the winter – and get some valuable homeowners-insurance discounts at the same time.
Many homeowners-insurance claims in winter are caused by frozen pipes, which can result in thousands of dollars of water damage and expensive cleanup. Even though most of your house may be warm, pipes can still freeze in cold spots, such as your basement, garage, and the back of your closets and cabinets. “I was called in on a claim where a pipe was installed between the living room and the unheated garage,” recalls Keith Weinhold, an appraisal technical specialist with Chubb Insurance. “The water came out at such high pressure that it drilled a hole through the drywall, and the living-room floors were all destroyed,” adds Weinhold, who has more than 30 years of experience assessing homeowners’ insurance claims. Here are some of his tips for protecting your home.
Simple steps such as checking the insulation in your home’s cold spots and opening cabinets and doors to let warm air circulate can make a big difference. “Whenever the wind blows and the temperature drops, the wind is forcing air into every crack in your house, and your cold spots are going to be even colder.” he says.
Don’t turn your thermostat down too low when you’re going out of town. “The problem is if you turn your thermostat down to 50 degrees, that’s 50 degrees at the thermostat – but the temperature could be down in the 30s in the cold spots in your basement,” says Weinhold. “You always have to be conscious of what the temperature is in the coldest part of the house.” He recommends reducing your thermostat to no lower than 60 degrees when you leave your home for a winter vacation.
If you travel frequently, you may want to consider an automatic water shut-off system, which cuts off the main water line if it detects a malfunction in the pipes. This type of system could reduce your homeowners-insurance premiums.
An automatic back-up generator can also help protect your home’s plumbing from freezing. If the electricity goes out – which isn’t unusual during winter storms – your heat may go out and your pipes could freeze. The generator will not only keep your house warm, but it will power your alarm system.
Make sure you disconnect and drain any hoses outside your house, shut off and drain the outside faucets.
Trimming trees can protect your home, too. Winter weather and ice storms often make tree branches brittle, causing them to break off and land on your house or your power lines.
One of the best ways to protect your home while away is to have someone checking your home on a daily basis.

10 Ways to Protect Your Home While You’re Away/On Vacation

When you leave your home, either for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, you’ll want to take some basic safety precautions to keep your house and belongings safe. This makes most of us think about burglarproofing, but preparations extend beyond locking your doors or setting timers for your lights.
1. Hold Your Mail
A huge pile of mail on the front doorstep, or envelopes pouring out your mail slot is an instant tip-off that no one’s home. If you’ll be gone for more than a few days, go to the post office to place a hold on your mail. Put a hold on your daily paper, too. If you don’t have the time or inclination, ask a trusted neighbor to collect the goods daily.
2. Create the Illusion of Someone Home
Beyond setting your lights on a timer, you can also set the television and radio on a timer to create the typical noise and flickering lights of an average family home at night. But wait that’s not all! Leave a car in the driveway. Arrange for someone to mow at least once a week (an unruly lawn is as bad as a pile of mail). During the winter, arrange for snow removal in case of a storm (neighborhood kids are great for this, if you get their parents’ word that they’ll remember). If you normally leave toys outside, or keep a hose unrolled, or do anything that shows signs of a home being lived in, don’t tidy up too much before you leave.
3. Mum’s the Word
Never, ever announce your departure or vacation dates on social networks. Sharing settings are not foolproof and with new security updates it’s always hard to tell what’s public and what’s private. Stay on the safe side, and don’t mention your trip – until you’re back, with tales to tell and photos to upload!
4. Trust a Friend
Give your vacation contact info and a spare key to at least one friend or neighbor. That way, they can check on your home on a regular basis and they’ll know how to contact you in case of emergency.
5. Advertise Your Security
Especially when you’re away, it can be a great idea to advertise your security measures. If you’re worried that alarm company signs will clue thieves in to how to break in, buy signs from a different company. Install fake security cameras (the kind that look authentic). Do whatever it takes to get across the message, “This is not the home you are looking for.”
6. Unplug
Unplug all unnecessary appliances (except those on timers, of course) to protect your home from an electrical fire or power surge. This goes for the big stuff, like TVs, but also for your toaster, your coffee maker, and other small appliances.
7. Hide the Hide-a-Key
It’s impossible to forget your key if you’re not even home, so go ahead and take any hidden spare keys out of commission. Just don’t forget to re-hide them when you return!
8. Keep Your Cool
Turn down (or up) the thermostat to save on electricity while you’re gone. In the winter, set the heat to about 60° – warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing, but cool enough to save – and during the summer, set your air-conditioning to 85°. You can also lower the temperature on your water heater.
9. Safe-Keep Your Valuables
Lock up jewelry, the deed to your home, wills, and any other valuables or sensitive documents in a fire-proof safe. This is a good idea whether your are on vacation or at home.
10. Alert Your Alarm Company
Call your home security company to let them know you’ll be away. Make sure the alarm is set and working when you leave.

Auto Insurance Premiums Based on How You Drive

Posted on: September 27th, 2016 by Ives Insurance Brokers

Do you feel as though you’re paying too much for your car insurance because of everyone else’s driving habits while you’re a model driver?
Telematics could help lower your premium – depending on how you drive. This in-car device uses GPS and a mobile data connection to monitor your driving style such as speeds you drive, times of day you drive, etc. The data is sent to your insurance company and your insurer can then use this information to adjust your premium according to the way you drive.
Can telematics always make your car insurance cheaper?  There are questions about how telematics might develop in the future and what additional information insurers might use in calculating an insurance premium, such as how long someone has been driving without a break, are they using their phone while driving, or how many passengers are in the car.
While there can be some potential benefits besides lower rates such as being able to monitor your children’s driving behavior, there could be some potential drawbacks, too. If people struggle with potential annual increase in premiums, they may have more of an issue if there was also a risk of rates increasing mid term because of their driving behavior. The “Big Brother” effect may make people reluctant to give permission to insurers to monitor their driving habits.
How to decide if telematics is right for you? Discuss your personal situation with your Ives insurance broker. Together, you can choose options that work best for your lifestyle!